Commercial Insurance

Business Property
This covers your business property, including building equipment, furniture and fixtures, supplies, improvements you’ve made as a tenant, stock in the building and within 100 ft. of the insured premises, and the similar property of others.

Commercial General Liability
Defends you from civil lawsuits and legal liability for damages you cause to others for bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence that arises out of your ownership, maintenance or use of your premises or operations.

Workers Compensation
Provides benefits for your employees for job related injuries, illnesses, or death as mandated by State law, in states where your employees live and are hired.

Commercial Automobile
Auto means a land motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer designed for travel on public roads.

Commercial Umbrella
This provides “catastrophe” liability coverage. It takes over when your basic liability protection stops.

Surety Bonds
Providing a guarantee of proper performance of an obligation.

Fidelity Bonds
Coverage that indemnifies for losses sustained by reason of dishonesty.