Personal Insurance

Your home, your personal property and protection against suits caused by you or other residents of your household for personal negligence.

Personal Liability
By law you and your family have legal obligations to other people for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. To preserve your assets and future earnings you must protect yourself against judgments huge legal bills.

Personal Auto
Protection for you and all resident relatives of your household while driving or occupying:
• A vehicle on your insurance policy
• Any other non-owned vehicle which you occupy
• Any other non-owned vehicle driven with the permission of the owner. (Your coverage is effective after the owner’s coverage is used up)

Boat Insurance
Protects you, any relative, and any other person who uses your boat listed on your policy with your permission.

Personal Umbrella
Personal umbrella policies provide excess liability insurance over the insured’s basic primary policies, such as the homeowners, personal auto and boat policies